As one of the artists to work on Carpark, I was responsible for:

  • re-working the original geomeshes to fit a new layout;
  • re-modelling and re-texturing the main structures to change the look of the level from clean to derelict;
  • adding a number of new assets to support the derelict theme;
  • creating light-lookup tables and new post process volumes, and adjusting existing lighting accordingly.
Carpark was originally a much cleaner location and set in New York. The main tasks I was given involved changing the existing geomeshes to fit a new layout set by Level Design, then to re-model and re-texture those meshes to create a more derelict and destroyed feel. I also made sure to keep the colour coding in the different areas to assist the player in navigation throughout the level.

Other tasks included creating a modular destroyed concrete set to extend the building above the play area, creating new graffiti decals, and some new background elements, such as some tall cranes and some half demolished and under-construction buildings.

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