As the main artist on Drain, I was responsible for:

  • initial research into a number of new themes and level ideas;
  • creation of concept art and planning of the structures within the level;
  • whiteboxing and organising new assets;
  • high/low poly modelling and texturing of main structures, geomeshes, and modular components;
  • high/low poly modelling and texturing of new props and assets;
  • recycling a number of existing game assets into new buildings and structures;
  • creating light-lookup tables, setting up new post process volumes, and extra adjustments to lighting.
The first level I worked on at Acony Games, the Drain was a reworking of an old layout based on Greenwich Village in New York. To add something of a twist, the main drain was situated under an incomplete bridge, it had been damaged in an earthquake, and it also had small shanty town spring up around it.

Throughout production I worked very closely with Level Design to make sure that the new theme fit the existing layout, to come up with ideas for certain routes that made sense, and to ensure that any minor changes didn't have an major impact on gameplay.

A large part of the work here involved recycling of existing industrial assets to create the shanty buildings that appear around the main drain area, and in the creation of a variety of geomeshes from a modular set within 3DS Max. Other tasks included prop placement around the level, creating background meshes, and later in setting up light-lookup tables and implementing them within the different areas of the level.

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