As one of the artists to work on Prison, I was responsible for:

  • re-texturing some of the interior areas;
  • re-modelling the ceilings within the main Prison;
  • creating fracture meshes and re-modelling some of the geomeshes to accomodate;
  • creating light-lookup tables, setting up new post process volumes, and adjusting lighting accordingly.
For Prison, a level that had previously been completed, I was tasked with a simple re-texturing of some of the interior areas in the main Prison building, with remodelling the ceiling, and with creating new fracture meshes that could be destroyed when shot by the player (for example, some walls corners and support pillars).

Later, I was also responsible for setting up light-lookup tables and new post-process volumes across the level, and then making lighting adjustments with feedback from QA to ensure that player visibility was maintained.

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