As the main artist on Tumbleweed, I was responsible for:

  • initial research into a number of new themes and level ideas;
  • creation of concept art and planning of the architecture of the level;
  • whiteboxing and organising new assets;
  • modelling all new buildings, props, and background, and creating initial textures and normal maps;
  • creation of a new vertex paint blend material for wooden walls.
Tumbleweed, a frontier cowboy town, is actually a film set used in the past to shoot old Westerns. While the main streets show little sign of it's true nature aside from the occasional camera and lighting rig, venture backstage and evidence of superficial fascades built over flimsy framework becomes evident!

Despite the recent cancellation of this level, I would like to present this whitebox version that I hope will give an impression of what we were hoping to achieve. This new map was made with accessibility in mind - more of the buildings had interiors than on previous levels, and more gameplay paths took the player through back alleys and onto roof-tops. Along with Level Design we came up with a layout that worked across different game-modes and that mixed prime sniper locations with areas for close combat action.

From the visual side, we wanted to create structures that looked rickety, with lots of interesting sihouettes and shapes along the tops of the buildings, and use all that to our advantage to cast nice lighting and shadows down walls, through doorways, and across the streets. As a final touch, we also added a collapse mine-shaft.

You can find some of my concept art for Tumbleweed in the BULLET RUN CONCEPT ART section, including the "Cowboys VS Cthulhu" variation.

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