As the main artist on Vault, I was responsible for:

  • initial research into a number of new themes and level ideas;
  • creation of concept art and planning of the architecture of the level;
  • whiteboxing and organising new assets;
  • high/low poly modelling and texturing of main structures, geomeshes, and modular components;
  • high/low poly modelling and texturing of new props and assets;
  • creation of a new vertex paint blend material for monestary walls;
  • lighting, creating light-lookup tables, and setting up post processing
The initial pitch for this level included ideas for a Himalayan monestary, and a fortified "Fort Knox" style vault. Those two ideas were combined and "Vault" was born! Essentially an old abandoned location, it had been taken over by the military to hide large sums of wealth, and later abandoned once more. We wanted to keep many of the features of the monestary that it once was, but also introduce a military presence near the main access bridge.

The gameplay layout was based on an old Search and Destroy map called "Pier", and it was important to work closely with Level Design to make sure that the new theme remained faithful to that layout and that timings and line-of-sight were maintained. This in itself proved challenging and the design of the main buildings went through a couple of iterations before coming up with something that made sense, worked well visually and still conveyed the granduer of the location.

You can find some of my concept art for this level in the BULLET RUN CONCEPT ART section

You can also find a video featuring Vault if the BULLET RUN VIDEOS section

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