As one of the artists working on Wreck, I was responsible for:

  • initial research into a number of new themes and level ideas;
  • creation of concept art and planning of the various structures around the level;
  • whiteboxing and organising new assets;
  • high/low poly modelling and texturing of a number of modular components;
  • high/low poly modelling and texturing of various new props and assets;
  • creating light-lookup tables, setting up post process volumes, and making some final adjustments to lighting.
Wreck was another re-working of an existing layout, this time for a level called "Alleys". After being given the go-ahead to create a level based in a south-east Asian country with a ship-wreck, we initially had the idea of setting it in a coastal town. However, the idea soon evolved into a fishing village of sorts, that had atually grown around the ship and salvaged much of the wreckage. Part of the challenge at this stage was to take a layout that was very enclosed and tight and turn it into something much more open, without causing any negative impact on gameplay. And, of course, to then tilt the various enterable sections of ship.

After working on some rough concepts and then creating whitebox meshes for the ship and village and the new props, I was moved to another level. I later came back on to Wreck and helped with modelling and texturing the modular village set (buildings and various wall sections and walkways) and a number of other assets (such as fishing boats, fish-pens and fishing nets).

After the level was complete, and with an engine upgrade, I was tasked with revisiting Wreck to create light-lookup tables, create new post-process volumes, and to make final adjustments to the lighting throughout the various interior and exterior locations.

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